Siddiq Ismail

Siddique Ismail’s Biography:
Al- Haaj Siddiq Ismail is a name of not only a personality but an instituition of almost 5 decades. Hundreds of Hamd & Naat Reciter all over the world consider him as their spritual guide .He is a living legend and an asset for Islamic World & our Homeland , He is the symbol of pride for the Nation & Islamic Ummah.The services for the promotion of Hamd & Naat Khuwani he has rendered is the reflecton of his love & dedication with the Prophet of Peace Hazrat Muhammad SAW.He is the pioneer of Hamd & Naat Khuwani in Pakistan , he took an emminent part in the development of this sacred field since his childhood . In recognition of his services in the field of Hamd & Naat Khuwani . Govt of Pakistan awarded him with the most prestigious Presidential award ” PRIDE OF PERFORMANCE ” in 1985. He also established LABBAIK TELEVISION (Voice of Islam) which is again rendering services for Islamic teachings.He compiled his famous Hamd & Naats Book ” ANWAR-e-HARMAIN” on request of Ex President Zia ul Haq. which is a unique work . Books were sent to all over world to Pakistani Embassies for the Libraries.He also compliled a book ‘ RANG-e-RAZA” Famous Hamd & Naats written by Family of Ahmed Raza Khan Barelvi were scrutinized in a sequence of stanzas . which was admirably appreciated by his fans.He is the receipient of hundreds of International & Domestic awards including the Pakistan Television Best Naat Khuwan & Radio Pakistan 20 years Melody Excellence Award. He has been performing as a judge for last 30 years on PTV MUQABLA-e-NAAT .He has also taught the Art of Hamd & Naat Khuwani to Pakistan Army Jawans as well.

  • Noori Mehfil Pay Chadar Tani Noor Ki Lyrics

    Noori mehfil pay chadar tanni noor ki,
    Noor phela huwa aaj ki raat hai.
    Chandni mein hain dubay huwey do jahan,
    Kon jalwa numa aaj ki raat hai.
    Farsh per dhoom hai, arsh per dhoom hai
    Badnasibi hai uski jo mehroom hai,
    Phir milay gi yeh shab kisko maloom hai
    Aam lutfay Khuda aaj ki raat hai.

    Abray rehmat hai mehfil pay chaye huwey
    Aasman say malaik hain aaye huey
    Khud Muhammed hain tashreef laye huwey
    Kis kadar jaan fiza aaj ki raat hai.

    Manglo Mang lo chashme tar mang lo
    Dard e dil aur husn e nazar manglo
    Kamli wale ki nagri mein ghar manglo
    Mangnay ka maza aaj ki raat hai.

    Momino aaj ganj e sakha lutlo
    Lutlo aie marizo shifa lootlo
    Asiyo rehmat e Mustafa lootlo
    Babay rehmat khula aaj ki raat hai.

    Khoob honay do ashkoon ki barsat ko
    Do salami Muhammed ki barat ko
    Choom lo chum lo aaj ki raat ko
    Shab qadar kay guman aaj ki raat hai.

    Waqt laye Khuda sabh Madinay chalein
    Lutnay rehmatoon kay khazinay chalein
    Sabh ki manzil ki janib safinay chalein
    Meri sa’aim dua aaj ki raat hai.

    Naat Information
    Naat Khawan: Siddique Ismail
    Naat: Noori Mehfil Pay Chadar Tani Noor Ki
    Album: Mujhko Taiba Bulalo